Mix an unsuccessful trip to warmer climate with a country boy who insists on living in the big city; that’s Kefeider, or Vetle Løvgaard, which is his real name.

The inspiration for Kefeider comes from early Bon Iver and Daughter. Their song “Mirrors (Two Heads Up in the Clouds)” was recommended by NRK P3 Urørt (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) and was featured on the last season of the TV series “Unge Lovende” on NRK, as well as the NRK P3 podcast “Natt til lørdag”.

On October 12, Kefeider releases its first official single “Raven for a Dove”. The song is also the first taste of the upcoming debut album, which will be released in February 2019. The album was recorded at a closed insulation factory in Oslo with Øyvind Blomstrøm (Orions Belte, Monica Heldal) on guitar, Tor Egil Kreken (Darling West) on bass and Thomas Gallatin (Daniel Kvammen) on drums.

In October 2018 Kefeider is heading out on a Norwegian living room tour and will visit places such as Trondheim, Oslo, Holmestrand, Nesbyen and Bergen. In December 2018, Kefeider will return to the studio to record a new full-length album.

Photo: Eskil Bast