Non Tutte Le Ciambelle Escono Col Buco (Album)

In the music world, Kefeider is Vetle Løvgaard. His music is mainly influenced by the Norwegian poet Triztán Vindtorn and the mellow parts of a Tool song. And of course a whole lot of other music that he loves.

Kefeider released their debut album «Podium» on Blanca Records in January 2020. The album garnered great reviews, and the singles «Reveal The Method» and «Hurts A Little» was playlisted on Deutschlandfunk Nova and NRK P3, respectively. The single «Without You» was playlisted on Egofm and Detektor FM in Germany, and Bergen Studentradio and NRK Buskerud in Norway. 

February 17th, Kefeider released the single «Chicken Out», which was described as unique and innovative by the music blog Earmilk and Impose Magazine had this to say about the single: «Kefeider’s thoughtful lyrics and soulful vocals make this song a must-listen for anyone in need of a little introspection and reflection». 

“Kefeider remains fun but offers something a bit different, which is what every pop song this day and age needs.” – Gigwise

“A fantastic example of Kefeider’s skillful songwriting and production”Earmilk

In may Kefeider aka, Vetle Løvgaard will release his second album.

Vetle says: “In the songwriting process I read a lot in the poetry collection “The scent of compass roses” by the poet Tristan Windtorn, to free myself from my expectations of what my next album should be like. It is a diverse album that pulls in several directions, but basically it’s just me making music that I love.”

“Non Tutte Le Ciambelle Escono Col Buco”
Cat #: SL008
Release: 5. May


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Listen to “Non Tutte Le Ciambelle Escono Col Buco” here:

“Running Like It’s Easy” live from Alna Isolering:

Press photos:

Photo credit: Eskil Bast

Photo credit: Eskil Bast

Photo credit: Eskil Bast